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  • The end
    Every thing ends. Whether it’s the blooming spring trees or the whistle if love, Eventually life takes back what its given us And so here, today, i bring you one last sentiment. One last word One last song I ask you to remember. Remember the high highs The good and bad Remember the low, lowContinue reading “The end”
  • Heroes Journey
    The sky is on fire It’s the end of the world The cities are burning His plan has unfurled . The nights will fly by  Like shooting stars we can trust Out wishes held close Shielded from the dust . He glances above us Longing to seal our fate He creates all destiny Our soulsContinue reading “Heroes Journey”
  • Life is around us
    In the way the wind blows the leaves In the way birds sing even when it rains In the way the clouds soar far above us . Life is inside us In the way my mind wanders In the way your laugh grounds me In the way we hold eachother tonight
  • Average
    I’ve come to understand that my brain Is purely and undeniably average. I dont excel at anything, but I also have a well enough understanding of most general things. You could argue that I do have potential, in my art for example. But we all know I wont go far in that seen, art isContinue reading “Average”
  • Lacking a wishing star
    I had a plan I swear  But the days went by My motivation died And here i am Sitting in a small coffee shop Further wasting my time and effort. Was it all a waste? Originally i came here to get work done To fine meaning where there is none But instead i’m writing anotherContinue reading “Lacking a wishing star”
  • Rating the ten commandments as to how likely i am to follow them:
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 2/10  does it count if I don’t have any gods before any? Or if I don’t have any? What if I just don’t like you. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image 0/10 while i’m not worshiping my pillow i sure as hell love itContinue reading “Rating the ten commandments as to how likely i am to follow them:”
  • Curl up and-
    . It’s night again Oh how the days pass When did I wake up? . Sleep is addicting Like a drug Providing relief from consciousness . Spiders die and cobwebs appear Abandonment from loss That’s how it feels . Breath the air It’s easier than before Still its black . Rivers flow from my palmsContinue reading “Curl up and-“
  • And
    And they enter And they ask And silence follows And they tell And they cry And I don’t speak And they sigh  And they pray for tomorrow And I stare And they stand And they disappear And I wake up And my heart starts again  And my mind plays back And I scream And darknessContinue reading “And”
  • Paranoid
    I think that I’m going insane. I woke up this morning and stared at my ceiling for a bit, (as one does) and it started moving. The little shapes were all dancing above my head. They really decided to have a party and not invite me. Rude. Not that it would be the first time,Continue reading “Paranoid”
  • Namesake of the Dead
    I had a dream a couple nights ago. In it I saw my great grandma, the one I was named after. The first thing I said when I saw her was, “So you’re the bitch who made my life miserable.”  This is not true of course. She died not long after I was born andContinue reading “Namesake of the Dead”